Open Sound Control (OSC) for Unity 3D.

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The example

The download (and Github projet)  is an actual Unity project. Open the folder in Unity and everything is ready to run.

The following instructions are for using UnityOSC in your own projects :

Importing UnityOSC

Import the OSC.cs script into your project by dragging it into your assets (the script can be found in the "Assets" folder of the Unity project).

Create an empty GameObject and drag the imported OSC.cs onto it.

Configure the OSC port and IP settings to match your needs.

Receiving messages

To receive messages:

In this example ( ReceivePosition.cs ), the script will handle OSC messages with the following addresses :
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ReceivePosition : MonoBehaviour {

public OSC osc;

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {
osc.SetAddressHandler( "/CubeXYZ" , OnReceiveXYZ );
osc.SetAddressHandler("/CubeX", OnReceiveX);
osc.SetAddressHandler("/CubeY", OnReceiveY);
osc.SetAddressHandler("/CubeZ", OnReceiveZ);

// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {


void OnReceiveXYZ(OscMessage message){
float x = message.GetFloat(0);
float y = message.GetFloat(1);
float z = message.GetFloat(2);

transform.position = new Vector3(x,y,z);

void OnReceiveX(OscMessage message) {
float x = message.GetFloat(0);

Vector3 position = transform.position;

position.x = x;

transform.position = position;

void OnReceiveY(OscMessage message) {
float y = message.GetFloat(0);

Vector3 position = transform.position;

position.y = y;

transform.position = position;

void OnReceiveZ(OscMessage message) {
float z = message.GetFloat(0);

Vector3 position = transform.position;

position.z = z;

transform.position = position;


Do not forget to set the reference to the OSC.cs script :

The handler function

SetAddressHandler( address , name of function ) void Sets a handler function to be called when a message with the specified address is received
SetAllMessageHandler( name of function ) void Sets a handler function to be called when any message is received (there can only be one SetAllMessageHandler handler function )

The handler function must be as follows :

void NameOfFunction ( OscMessage message ) {


An OSC message : OscMessage

address string Returns or sets the address of the message
GetFloat( index ) float Returns the value at that index
values.Add( number ) number Adds the number to the message

Sending an OSC message

To send messages: